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my year

  • In  maths we do subtraction,  addition,  divide,

    multiply. Next year I’ll have harder maths  and we

    get to go in a big playground.


  • In topic  we’ve  been  learning about natural disasters and   tornados.

my year

Hi my  name is Asma and I am a year 2 and I am going to be a year 3 next year and I am really  shy. I have lots of friends and I like them so much and I wish I go to there house but I cant because I don’t know where their house is and I wish I did and that is not fair.

My year

I enjoyed  the year because I have meeten lots of new

people like mercedes,caitlin,davylene,taleaha. One

person who’s friend I am is zaid.

My teacher next year my teacher is mrs Learoyd.

In phonics I like writing about cars.

My favourite lesson was ICT.

My year

My name is Davylene.

When I first came I was a little shy because I didn’t know what to say and had no idea of what to do most of all I didn’t have any friends to talk to except from the teacher and the other teacher.

Having Girlfriends

My friends  were the best people I could have known 

My friends are called telaeha,jasmine,sade,meriem.

About  Next year

Next year I’m hoping for more friends in my new class xxx bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My year

Hello my name is Farwa and I am going to talk about my year. When I first came in this school I was shy but then I got new friends and my friend’s name is Iqraa, Asma and Haneen .I like them they are my best friends for ever when ever we fight we say sorry and get along together. I like them very much when ever they have a party they all ways invite  me and when I have a party I invite them.

my year

  • We made a book about natural disasters.
  • About the queen I learnt all  the names in her family

In literacy I have learned about the queen and nanuarl disasters.

  • grammar 
  • I have written about cars and I  am not suppose to
  • today I did useful wow words.
  • I  always write about cars.

my year

The first day I was very difficult because I was in year 2 and it is very hard so I  need a big paragraph in 1 minute and it is impossible to write in my licricy book and it is so hard that you need too much.   We learned about the queen , natural disasters . I like to go school.

my year

we like phonics and maths because it can make us learn

new things that we did not know ever before.

my year

Next year I am  going to year 3  and my teacher is Mrs Learoyd.

When we were going to our new clases  we were doing good topic.

We were drawing pictures like Ice crem and me  and  my friends.

It was fun I like it. Mrs Budgett  is my new teacher.

I was playing with Malikha, Meriem and Mercedes.

Important message

Dear 12v2012  I want to say how nice your animations are! You have done BRILLIANT, I want to say WELL DONE CLASS! Are you in year 1-2 or year 6? I want to know how you did it? Your class blog is amazing. Show me how to make a animation because in the 1900s they did not teach. I do not know what to say. Who on earth did teach you?


 Our animations are so cool and you do a background and you must have a webcam then start your animation!!!

Our animations

The animations we that we did is how They make Mickey Mouse clubhouse and despicable me 2 . You have to use a mac book and a camera . 



Malikha and Mercedes

Joel, Zaid, Jude and Umar

Leon, Harry and Marco

Farwa, Aaliyah, Asma and Iqraa

Adam, Naif, Kyle and Aadil


Today 12V had their first go at making their own animations. They are their own backgrounds and choice of characters. They worked in teams, playing different roles such as character movers (actors), camera operators and directors. They will be honing their skills over the next few weeks and I hope to put on a finished animation product that will show their development over the next few ICT lessons…watch this space! PS we would love some comments and feedback for the kids’ first attempt!