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The egg  is a big,humongous  egg. People think it’s a dinosaur egg and it’s a really big egg!

If its a girl we will call it sara   & if it’s a boy we will call   it carl .

The egg is ginormous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

in the holidays

In the holidays I  make  cupcakes  

with Ella she  came 

she is very nice

she has blond here


I am as fast as a horse                                                    I have a power engine

people use me to race                                            I start with a f.

Blackpool trip 2

Blackpool trip 2 on PhotoPeach

Blackpool trip 1

Blackpool trip 1 on PhotoPeach

Book: The Smartest Giant in Town
Author: Julian Donaldson
Reviewer: Leon Barry

It is a fiction book which tells the story of a Giant who wants to be smart but he gives his clothes away to different animals in the story.

I will read this book to my little sister Lyra as children like it, ages 4+.

The pictures are brilliant.

It has a happy ending.

Stars = 5 *****

Jude’s Seaside Poem

Silly Beach Day

A very humongous turtle that lays eggs in the soft, golden sand.

A bouncy beach ball that a seal juggles on it’s slimy, red nose.

Sandcastles surrounded by angry lobsters.

Then a man comes in and he shouts with glee “help my dog is running away from me”.

The starfish comes up and shows them they have to go home.

Asma’s Seaside Poem

The glittery, golden sandcastle that was always knocked down!

And the colourful, tasty ice-cream that the people ate.

Also, the crashing, bumpy waves that people play in.

And the glittery, shiny shells that were made into a sandcastle!

The day at the seaside is finally done.

Marco’s Seaside Poem

A tiny, flynig fish flying at the top of the sea that swims for 100 metres.

The sparkly, wide sandcastle with the sun shining on it in the bright morning.

The massive, stormy waves crash and back they dash in the stormy night.

A golden, shiny shell that hides under the sand so that noone can find it.

A turtle who swims so fast and who walks so slow.

Jasmine’ Seaside Poem

A bouncy, stripy beach ball that rolls in the sand.

A carpet of sand that glitters with shells.

Sandcastles built by kid’s hands.

Fish all colours lke gold, shiny fish.

A harbour of shiny boats surrounded with crabs.

Umar’s Seaside Poem

The golden, sparkly sandcastle that glitters with shells.

A massive beach ball that bounces so high.

The skinny, little donkey that walks so slow.

The hard, black rockpools that are humongous.

Our seaside poems!

Here are just a few of the fabulous seaside poems written by 12v last week. We were working on trying to ‘paint a picture’ in the mind of the reader by using a range of adjectives in our sentences. Let us know what you think..

A luvely day at the beach

At  the  the  beach  theres  luvley  ice  cream  it

tastes  nice.I  l  love   it  on   the   beach its  wonderful

at the beach  its  peaceful and  nice.

the beach

In the beach there’s   crabs  and shells.

I  like in  the  beach  the   shells  they

are   the  best   for  me.

I swim under water  and  the  crabs

are  not  biting me.

Poetry stimulus