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the queen is 87 years old.she has 4 children.she is very old.she is running the country.she is married to Filip.



the christmas play

at the christmas play i was a shepherd.the play was in u.k. there was 6 songs.you can cum oh sorry i finished.

the christmas play.is on dece mber


at school

at school i lern abaute France.I love to lern abaute france.yo whud like to go to FRANCE.france is byutifl.I whish  to go to France.go to france!


My favorite animal was a owl.I flew of my scooter.

I went to the farm.I did stroke a bull.The farm was big.I went on the scooter.I could not stop speeding on my scooter.





images about famous painting

France has famous panting.

all about france

at france ar a lot of yumy food.

all aboute france

the mowtins at france ar massive. 


why did yo not put on the  parts of FRENCH PIZZA?ITS FINE.