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what my favrioute thing is and I love it.

Barbie:Groom and the Glam pups

is my favrioute game and I mean I love that game seriously

I do love it.  This is another fabulous game I love. Barbie:Groom and the Glam pups is  oh, like bouncing all other my head that I keep saying it to my BFFs at school!

All about our trip

We got our clipboard,pencils and coats then we paired up in a line and ran off for Chorlton adventures on the way we saw we were haeding to the river and Jackson`s brige and next went into the kind of creepy forest. Then we saw a gate then circled the second wooden gate and wrote it down on next to the key pictures.We found a secrete passage way back to school when we arrived for a well deserved rest but I read a little bit of my pricness colletion story then had a play for 10 minutes. That was yesterday morning.

happy Christmas

Merry christams
are you having fun  on christams  or not having fun
 Well, evrybody has fun and you know what  no-one is missed out today and today i mean 4 weeks

Hellow, now this is a picture of tinkabell

right  you see  how this picture is. can we put some  christams  pictures  on the computer and
put it saved .
When we have finished doing the christams picture we can have a long time outside to help us get much more energy and 
to make  the play more better. 

great fire in london

In 1666 the houses were made out of wood because the king told the builders to do it then,

and that was when the fire started so lots and lots of people started telling people  and 6 people died in the great fire of  london even

people that heard the fire coming to there houses so then they ran out of there houses and went to a different city in England.

when they have reached the city, the city was squashed and full of people and the king killed the watchmaker that works in the bakery

shop,but how he did it was not letting him have any air.

All about France.