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My year

I enjoyed  the year because I have meeten lots of new

people like mercedes,caitlin,davylene,taleaha. One

person who’s friend I am is zaid.

My teacher next year my teacher is mrs Learoyd.

In phonics I like writing about cars.

My favourite lesson was ICT.

Our animations

The animations we that we did is how They make Mickey Mouse clubhouse and despicable me 2 . You have to use a mac book and a camera . 



Our trip to the water park

First we set of from school .

Then we were on bizzy roads but stil on the pavment.

Then we walked down the masive road.

then we turned right.

to words mersybank avenue.

But we did not go onto mersybank avenue.

We went straght insted.

Then we were in a bizzy car park.

Then we were thir we went thir to draur maps of it.

It was good because the sun was thir.

Then we had to folow the root to school.

Leon’s riddle

It got 1000 Bhp.

It goes faster then a Zonda R.

It’s not a drifting car.

It costs £2,000,000.

What car is it?






All about Florence Nightingale

In the olden days Florence nightingale worked in a hospital in Turkey. 

Florence Nightingale died on august 13th 1910. She was 90 years old.