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in the holidays

In the holidays I  make  cupcakes  

with Ella she  came 

she is very nice

she has blond here

A luvely day at the beach

At  the  the  beach  theres  luvley  ice  cream  it

tastes  nice.I  l  love   it  on   the   beach its  wonderful

at the beach  its  peaceful and  nice.

In the zoo

In  the zoo  there’s  animals   like  tigers   and    


In  the  zoo   ther’s   camels  to   get   milk.

In  the  zoo  ther’s    monkeys   swinging  in  the  trees

It’s  cool.

Ther’s  durafs  in  the  zoo.

when jasmine came to my house

When  jasmine  came  to  my  house   she  went up  stairs  she  looked  at   

my  bed  room  and   she  said  it’s   wonderful.

Jasmine   can  come to  my  house  in  any  time.

When  jasmine  comes to my  house   next  time

we  are  going  to  play   with  my   lego.

when i go to sade’s house

In sade’s  house  i  do  barbie   make – over.                                               In  sade’s  house  i play with her

In  sade’s  house  we  have  tee .

In  sade’s  house  we   go  to  difrent  shop’s.

sade  has  Ice  creem  in  her  house .