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 Our animations are so cool and you do a background and you must have a webcam then start your animation!!!

my birthday haray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on my birth day  I had cake  and got presents. I was

that  prowd  I almost cried I love my day so much.

Easter Holidays!!!!!

At the start of  easter was easter sunday when we have easter 

egg’s and start  of spring and it was heding to my

birthday and I went hed     over      heels in chorlton

my mum’s friend got me colour  in colour black and   

white I love tem so much   i even got sweets and they were

smartys  I got barbie magic mermaid  pictures on my

birthday “i saw the croods”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and oz great


powafull  oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got   the mermaid off


Famous People

I know  that olly murs is a famous person.